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Organisation Primary Contact Management

In some cases, you may want a confirmation email to always be sent to your clients eg Accounts team by default or maybe the HR manager by default. This is not the person booking the training, but someone who wants to receive alerts only.

Automated emails can be configured to always to send this email, with specific content i.e. only send payment information and not eg Joining Instructions.

Primary contact management is an add on Feature. Please contact us to get a demo

Benefits of Primary Contact Management

  • Send specific emails to this contact only

  • Keep 1 email in the loop when bookings are made (who didn’t create the booking)

  • Do not send this contact information irrelevant to them.

How to add a primary contact to an organisation contact

  1. Login as admin

  2. Open your contacts and select an organisation

  3. In the primary contact input, search existing contacts to save as the primary contact - this input is a search and select. It is not a free text search.

The primary contact needs to exist as a contact AND be linked to the organisation. You will not find the contact if he is not linked to the organisation

  1. Add the contact

  2. Save


  • Your primary contact is now saved

  • Once configured with us, your primary contact will receive confirmation emails relating to booking in their organisation

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