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Org rep: Completing a checkout without delegate emails

This feature lets you complete a checkout for your delegates who are below 17 and do not have an email address of their name. This saves the Admin and the delegate the hassle of having to enter emails every time the delegate is below 17 years of age.

To use this feature, make sure your settings have been configured by CourseCo product team.

To confirm, please contact your Project CRM Lead.

To use checkout without entering Email details, please follow the steps given below:

  • Log In as a Lead Booker

  • In the website, click on ‘Find Courses’ button

  • Select your Course and Schedule

  • Select the number of delegates, for eg: qty = 2

  • Click on ‘Book Today’ button

  • You will be redirected to the checkout page

  • In the delegate details box:

    • Enter First name and last name of the delegate

    • Enter their mobile number

    • Enter their Date of Birth (if applicable)

    • Check the box for ‘Delegate is under 17 years’

    • Do not add Email address for those delegates

  • Input your address in respective input fields

  • Enter Card details

  • Check the box ‘I agree to the terms and Conditions’

  • Click on Complete Booking


  • The checkout will be completed successfully

  • The delegates will be added to the course without any email address

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