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Newsletter Opt-In

With CourseCo’s Newsletter Opt- In options, your clients can subscribe and opt-in to the newsletter so that they will be able to receive any updates sent out through you.

Newsletter Opt-In Form

To subscribe for a newsletter on the platform, your clients can follow these simple steps.

  • Navigate to the website

  • Scroll at the bottom of website home page

  • You can see the section called as ‘Newsletter signup’

  • Enter First name in the input field

  • Enter Last name in the input field

  • Enter Email address in the input field

  • Check the box for terms and conditions when you opt-in

  • Click the Submit button


  • They will be redirected to a ‘Thank-you for signing up to our newsletter’ page

  • The contact will be added in the CRM under the label Newsletter Signup

  • The Admin can send them a login invite to the platform

Editing text for Newsletter Terms and Condition

As an admin, you can edit and change the text that appears when a contact agrees with the terms and condition of signing up for a newsletter subscription.

This text can be chosen and updated by you if you use customised terms and conditions when users subscribe to your newsletter.

Alternatively, you can also choose to keep the text same as provided by CourseCo when the website is created.

If you wish to edit or update some changes in the Terms and condition for Newsletter text, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the website

  • Log In your portal as an admin

  • Click on Settings from Account dropdown

  • Go to Forms

  • Change your text in the text editor for Subscription terms text

  • Click Save


  • When you refresh your website, the text will be edited

  • Your contacts can see the edited text when they subscribe for newsletter

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