In some cases, you may require multi trainers on a schedule. The main reasons and benefits for multiple trainers on a schedule are

  • Multi -Trainer timetable will populate the timeslot

    • eg trainers assigned to the schedule, will all see the timeslot on their timetable

  • Multi - Trainer timetable will display the attendee names

  • Multi - Trainer can update the attendance for their assigned schedule *Prime feature

Adding multiple trainers to a schedule

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Open courses and schedules

  3. Add or edit a schedule

  4. Add the default trainer

Multi-trainer is an add on feature. Please contact your CRM lead for information on how to upgrade.

5. On the summary tab, navigate to the ‘Secondary Trainers’ dropdown
6. multi-select your trainers

7. Continue creating the rest of your schedule
8. Save


  • Trainers will see the schedule’s timeslots on their timetable

  • Trainers will see the timeslot attendee’s names

  • Trainer can update attendance for these schedules *Prime feature