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Messaging | Viewing Messaging All folder | View all emails / SMS sent from the system

The messaging all folder is very useful as you can see every email sent from the system. You can filter your results also, to refine by subject line / email.

Accessing the Messaging All folder

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Navigate down the left menu and select Messaging

You are now in the Messaging All folder

  1. By default, the date filter is set to today

  2. View the stats to see

    1. Total = number of emails, sms or alerts sent in the date range selected

    2. Sent = Number of sent from CourseCo successfully emails / SMS

    3. Failed = Number of sent from CourseCo usuccessfully emails / SMS

Failed emails means CourseCo did not receive a successful response from the email / sms provider. CourseCo is not responsible for failed messages and only reports on these messages

Using the Messaging Filters

Date Filter

  1. Select the date filter to change your date range

  2. Table of results will display messages sent in that time frame only

  3. Date filter is defaulted to Today on opening Messaging

Filter By options

  1. Type -this allows you to refine your results to display SMS or Email only

  2. Status - Admin can refine results to only display eg Sent to determine the total number of emails sent. Filtering by failed allows admin to know who didn’t receive the message

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