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Member Portals

This optional portal is open to members of a student. A student can invite member(s) to login to their own portal and view the information about them. Example, student invites manager to member portal, so he can see my timetable. This is not the same as an Org Rep (Org reps manage the booking)

Admins do not invite members / manage the member. Students invite members only

Student Portal | How to add a member

  1. Login as a student

  2. Open Profile

  3. On the left menu select Member

  4. On the screen, add First Name, Last Name and email

  5. Select Invite


  • An invite email is sent to the invited member

  • Invited member can accept or decline the invite

  • When accepted, they must set their password and login

  • Admin can see this member contact linked to the student.

Member Portal | Accepting invite and Logging in

Precondition: Student invited this member to login and the member has receive the invite email

  1. Email is received, member opens email and selects the ‘Accept Invite’ button

  2. Click the Accept link

  3. Redirected to Website, where member needs to set their password

    1. 8 Characters are required

  4. Once password is set, member can login

Member Portal | Viewing information

Members can see the student information. Below lists the shared features

  • Timetable | live timeslots of all timeslots and trainers. (Read Only)

  • Attendance | Attendance records, they can filter results and see absent and present attendance.(Read Only)

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