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Managing a News Story

A news story informs the public about current events, concerns, or ideas about courses or events.

This section shows how to add, edit, and delete news stories.

Adding a News Story

1. Navigate to News.

The News page will be displayed.

2. Click Add News Story.

3. Enter News Title.

4. Select the Story date when you want to publish the news.

5. Select the Category from the dropdown.

You have two options - News (displays as news) and Home Feed (displays as home feed).

6. Enter the Author if any. You can leave it blank if it is not required.

6. Click Add Summary.

The summary text box will expand and enter the summary. For example, headline (this will be displayed on the homepage - latest news)

7. Enter your news story Content.

8. Add images if any.

You can Drag and Drop Files or Upload or Browse them.

9. Enter the Order.

10. Select the Media type whether the story is Article, Video, Podcast, or Blog.

11. Select the Course item to which the story belongs.

12. Click Save.

The news story will be added.

Editing a News Story

If you need to update changes to the news story you have published, you can do so by editing it.

1. Navigate to News.

2. Click the story you wish to edit.

3. Edit the news details. It could be adding an author, updating content, etc.

4. Click Save.

The changes will be updated to the news story.

Deleting a News Story

Suppose the news becomes obsolete, or you wish to remove the news story, you can do so by deleting it.

1. Navigate to News Story.

2. Click the Delete icon next to the story you wish to remove.

4. Confirm Ok.

The news story will be removed.

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