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Invoices | Manually Generating an Invoice

Invoicing generation can be automated on the system. At CourseCo, we highly suggest manually generating your invoices until you are full confident with the process. We will encourage you to automte this process once you are confident in the process.

Please follow the user guide here to see an example of how you can automate your Invoice process

Reasons why you might Manually generate an Invoice

  1. As mentioned above, if you want to manually send to invoice and view the invoice before sending to your client

  2. IF the booking amount or purchase order number was edited and admin need to regenerate the invoice with the latest information.

Manually generating an invoice

You can only generate an invoice where there is a booking present. Admin can’t generate an invoice without a booking

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Open Booking and select a booking

    1. You are redirected to the booking on the org reps file.

  3. Scroll up

    1. You are on the org reps file.

  4. Select the documents tab on the contact

  5. Select Actions > Generate Document

  6. Select template = invoice

  7. Select the applicable booking id

  8. Select Generate and download or Generate and Save


  • The Invoice will be generated and can be downloaded locally.

  • A Invoice ID and Invoice date will be applied to the Transaction - this can be found on the accounts tab of the contact.

  • The transactions report will populate the invoice date and invoice number

    • The invoice date is when the invoice was generated

    • The invoice number is incremental in numbers.

  • Admin can manually email the generated cert to eg booker or Accounts team

IF you regenerate an Invoice (that already has an Invoice number and date) the original date and invoice number will be removed from reports and the new Invoice Date and Invoice number will be populated on the invoice

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