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Invoices | Automatically send invoices to an eg Accounts email | Primary contact management

You may need to send the invoice to an accounts email and not to the person who booked the training. The below workflow documents how this can be automated on CourseCo.

This feature documented is an add on feature. Please review add on pricing with your CRM lead.

Benefits of using Primary Contact

  • A contact, who has not created the booking or is linked to the booking in any way, can receive the invoice automatically eg accounts email

  • Primary contact only receives the emails applicable to them and receives no other correspondence eg they do not receive reminder/ joining instructions

Adding a primary contact email to an organisation

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Open contacts and select an organisation Contact

  3. Navigate to the primary contact imput

  4. Search and select the contact you want to assign as a Primary Contact i.e. receive of invoices

    1. Note: the contact must already exist & be linked to the organisation.

Any contact type works here eg Org rep or student can also be the primary contact (receiver of invoices)

  1. Save the organisation


  • Organisation now has a linked primary contact

  • Primary contact related automations will be sent to this contacts email address

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