You can invite, via email, a single contact or multiple contacts to join your platform.

  1. On the Contacts page, check the box(es) for the contact(s) to which you want to send invite(s) and then click Send Invite.

The Invite user dialog will be displayed.

2. Select the role for which you want to invite the selected contacts from the Role dropdown list.

Make sure to select the correct contact Role from the dropdown as this may later affect your learner’s access

3. (Optional) Edit the body of the message.

4. Click Invite user.

Please make sure to not invite contacts using ‘Quick SMS’ feature as it was not build to send bulk invite. Additionally, if at any instance you wish to bulk invite contacts, please let our support team know at and we will happily assist you.

Users that have been invited cannot be removed from “Contacts”.


  • The invites will be sent to the selected contact(s).

  • The contact will receive an invite email from your email address.

  • The contact has to follow the link in the email and will be redirected to the website with a form.

  • The contact can set their password in the form after which they will be ready to log in with their credentials.