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Invite a contact to login

You can add unlimited contacts and invite them to login to their own portal to access their course content, bookings and online meeting links.

Invite contact to login

  • Login as admin

  • Go to contacts

  • Click on New contact button to add a new contact

  • Enter first name, last name, email in the inputs in contact details

  • Click Save on the contacts detail screen to save contacts details

Ensure you select SAVE on the contact before sending the invite

  • Click on ‘Send login invite button’ in contacts detail

  • On the popup, ensure the correct role is selected for the contact eg Student

  • Click on ‘Invite user’ button

An invite can be sent to an admin, trainer, student and Leadbooker/org rep

Outcome: Invite email has been sent to the contact.

How the contact accepts the invite

  1. Contact receives email

  2. Within the email there is an invite link

  3. User selects the link

Open link using Chrome browser

4. On link, user is asked to set a password

Ensure to enter 8 characters with at least 1 number

5. Once set, user is asked to login using email and password

Reviewing invites sent to students

Once you’ve sent an invite, you will want to know if the user has accepted the link and logged in. To understand what stage the user is at

  1. Login as an admin

  2. Go to Contact

  3. Navigate to the User Status Column

  4. Filter by Status

    1. Verified = set password and logged into their portal

    2. Not Verifies = Sent link, but didn’t set password or login

    3. Blank = never sent an invite, please send one

Contact email has changed, how to edit the login credentials for the contact

  1. As admin, open the contact file

  2. Edit the email & save

  3. Instruct the contact to login using the new email address and the existing password.

If the contact can’t remember his password, use the new email and issue a forgot password email.

Outcome: The user will reset his password and login to his account.

Note: When an email is changed by the admin, there is no ‘re-verify' process.

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