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In-company Booking Scenarios

In this table, you will find various booking scenarios with respect to in-company bookings


Use case



Upcoming Booking

As an admin, I want to create an in-company booking for the delegates of an organisation 

Booking ID 1: x10 delegates Booked on to Management Course for the same amount of fees 

Booking shows as confirmed for the added number of delegates 

Removing Delegates from an upcoming Booking 

As an admin, I want to remove 2 delegates from an in-company booking so they are removed 

Booking id2: Remove x2 delegates from a booking which had x5 delegates originally

Booking updates and the fees do not change for the remaining delegates 

Cancelling Delegates from an upcoming Booking

As an admin, I want to cancel an in-company booking so that it is cancelled 

Booking ID 3: Cancel lead booker from an in-company booking 

Booking is cancelled and the fees do not change

In in-company bookings, the amount of fees does not change according to the number of delegates. It remains the same in any scenario.

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