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Here’s a list of some of the commonly used words on CourseCo’s platform which will come in handy when you are using the platform.




This is your ‘Admin’ dashboard screen that shows up when you login into the system


These are the course bookings made by either delegate using checkout or by admin in the back-office

Booking Type

Type of the booking being created by the user

  • Individual booking - A single user booking a course either for themselves or someone else

  • Organisation booking for multiple delegates - This is a booking where an org rep from organisation books a course for multiple delegates of their organisation


A contact is a user saved in the system’s CRM with their personal details like name, email and mobile number


Discount is a feature which can be used to provide users to book a course at a reduced price


A course is a broader term for subjects that you advertise on your website. For example, a course can be ‘Fire Safety Training’


A schedule is a planned session for a course. A schedule can be trainer-led or self-paced. For example, a schedule can be ‘Fire Safety Session 1’

(It can be said that a course is like a tree and the schedules are like the multiple branches of the trees)


Media is a folder where an admin can store all their media files like images that can be used to advertise a course


Messaging is a folder where all your emails are stored. You can see the emails received, sent and starred.


This is a news article containing important information that you can publish on the website for your users


As the name suggests, this feature helps you create questionnaires which can be used for exams


This plugin has many reports that an admin can run to see the statistics about their website.

For example, Recent Payments report tells you about all completed transactions on the system within a selected date range


Surveys are a marketing tool that can be used by admins to take feedback about their procedures from their users


Timetable is a calendar view available to all users of the system so that they can see their planned schedules and events


Todos is a feature that helps admin create a task, assignment or an exam and assign it to students

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