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Generating a certificate for completion of an exam | Receive cert after passing exam.

Certificate of exam / exam process is a Prime Package feature

CourseCo offers you automated emails with attached certificate of completion which are sent out to students once they have successfully completed and passed their exams. These email automation triggers when a course is fully completed by a student along with the exam on the course as added by the admin.

You can choose the pass rate and number of attempts a student is allowed before generating the certificate of completion for them according to your project and customisation

This certificate undertakes information like the Pass Rate for an exam, Number of attempts allowed for an exam. You can also choose to automatically generate a certificate to the student portal when they have completed the course content and passed their exam.

The certificate of completion includes these details:

  • Your company Logo

  • Student’s name

  • The name of the exam student completed

  • The name of the course they completed

  • The Result that they received on the exam

  • The date on which the certificate expires - Based on when they passed the exam/received the cert

  • The completion of course statement by the company

  • The date of generation of the certificate

These details can be removed and more items can be added as you decide for your custom certificates based on your project

A sample certificate of completion for an exam is shown below:


  • The student will receive the certificate once their course content and exam is completed

  • The trigger will automate an email and generate certificate on the student portal

  • The certificate will include all the details include the certificate expiry date

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