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Generating Certs, including custom text applied per date of training (eg Forklift cert)

With our new schedule note 2 options, admin can edit a schedule and add the custom text required for the cert eg Make, model, Mileage of the forklift used during training.

Admin can control the level of information required for the custom cert.

Adding Custom text required for the generated Cert

This is an add on feature, please contact us to learn more.

Login as admin

Open courses > schedules

Review the summary tab

You will see a new ‘schedule note 2’ input

Within this input, enter the custom information required for the cert

For example

Make: Ford
Model: Focus
Milage: 150,000KM
Weather: Wet, windy day

save the schedule.

Generate the Certs for this schedule.

There are multiple options on CourseCo on generated certs, please review with your CourseCo admin for best options to suit your needs or review the below options or follow this user guide.

  1. Manually generate the cert on the contacts file

  2. Generate the cert on a booking - this will send based on the automation configured (send cert to booker and student or maybe just the student)

  3. Generate the cert for delegates who Passed

  4. Generate the cert automatically, without admin intervention

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