Once a customer searches for a course and views the details of the course, the Enquire Now feature will be available to them.

When the customer clicks the Enquire Now button, they will be redirected to the Contact Us page. On this page, they can get details of your location. Additionally, a calendar and a form will be displayed on the Contact Us page. Customers can view the events of any day in the CALENDAR section and fill out the contact form to send in their queries for your support team to reach out to them.

When a customer fills the contact us form, they will automatically be added as a contact to your CRM along with the Contact Us tag. You will also receive a confirmation mail with their message and full contact information.

Furthermore, you will be able to send bulk emails using CourseCo’s Messaging feature. For more information on how to send bulk emails, refer to https://help.courseco.co/kb/Messaging.2233073888.html