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Enquire Now Form

Enquire Now form can be used by guests or students of your company to enquire about a particular course that they wish to attend. Admins can receive queries about more information so that students can book the course.

Filling an Enquire Now Form

To fill an Enquire Now form, please follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the website

  • Click on ‘Find Courses’ to find a course you are interested to attend

  • Select the course

  • Select the ‘Date & location’ for the course if applicable

  • Click on ‘Enquire Now’

  • You will be redirected to ‘Enquire Now’ form with pre-populated course of your interest

  • Enter your first name and last name in the input field

Note: Only character type input is allowed in first name and last name input field

  • Enter your email address in the input field

Note: Please make sure that you have added a valid email address so that admin can contact you

  • Enter your country code in the country field

  • Enter your mobile number in the number field

  • Enter your message that you want to send to the admin

  • Mark the tick box to allow the admin to get in touch with you

Please note that it is mandatory to check the tick box so that admin can contact you. You will be unable to submit the form without giving the consent to contact you

  • Verify the captcha by checking the tick box

  • Click on ‘Submit’ button to submit the form

An example of a correctly filled out enquire now form is shown below for your reference


  • Enquire now form will be submitted to the admin

  • Admin will receive an email with the query you have submitted

  • Admin can get in touch to solve your query

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