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Editing a Schedule - Dates, times, trainer, location

Suppose you have already published a schedule and you need to modify or update some course details on the schedule such as location or time, you can do so by editing the schedule.

You can make edits on a schedule eg dates, times, locations. No email will be sent when this change happens.

  • Navigate to Courses > Schedules.

The Schedules page will be displayed.

  • Select the Edit option, in the Actions column dropdown, for the schedule you wish to edit.

The schedule details will be rendered editable.

  • Edit the values of the required fields of the Summary page.

  • Click the Timeslot tab and edit the values of the required fields.

  • Click the Bookings tab and edit the values of the required fields.

  • Click the Content tab and edit the values of the required fields.

  • Save


  • The schedule will be updated to reflect the changes.

FAQ’s - when you edit a schedule + save

  1. You can edit dates on a schedule with bookings eg scheduled for 5th May (5 bookings), admin can edit schedule to eg 20th May. I will move all 5 bookings to new date with no issues

  2. Editing the dates / times does not send an updated email on save schedule. Your automated reminder emails will pull the new dates

  3. Deleting timeslot dates - we do not allow you do this to prevent mistakes i.e. deleting timeslots with bookings - Ask support to delete timeslots for you!

  4. Editing the price on a schedule - this will impact NEW bookings only and will not affect previous booking transactions i.e. when booking was made, a transaction was created for that price (at that time)

  5. Editing the timeslot trainer will change the timetable, trainer attendance etc..

  6. Changing the schedule note before the reminder email is sent - the latest schedule note will be sent.

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