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Documents Tab: Adding/deleting/sharing Documents on a contact

Uploading a document to a contacts file

  1. Login as an admin

  2. Go to the contacts plugin

  3. Search and select your contact

  4. Navigate to the Documents tab on the contact

  5. Select the Actions button

  6. In the dropdown select Upload Document

  7. Search your computer

  8. Select the file

  9. Save

Deleting a document on a contacts file

  1. While on the contacts file,

  2. Navigate to the documents tab on a contact

  3. Review the documents saved on file

  4. Select the Actions column > 3 dots

  5. From the dropdown, select Delete


  • The file is no longer saved to the contacts

  • IF the file was shared with the contact in the documents, this will also be removed from their portal

Sharing a document eg Cert to a contacts portal

  1. While on the contacts file,

  2. Navigate to the documents tab on a contact

    1. Ensure the file has been generated

  3. On the file, select the actions column, 3 dots.

  4. From the options, select Share

    1. You will receive a soft warning to confirm you want to share the file.

    2. Select Continue


  • The file to the portal of the contact

  • Contact can login, open Profile > documents to access the file

  • IF the contact has not been invited yet, the file will be available when they login.

  • The SHARE option won’t display in the dropdown for previously shared files.

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