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Creating BackOffice Sales Quote as an Admin

Benefits of using Sales Quotes

  • Admin can build a sales funnel of potential sales

  • Automatic reminder emails can be sent to sales quote bookings

    • Example x days after booking, send reminder, x days before training starts.

    • Remove the manual admin process of sending Sales Quote information

  • Run reports on Sales Quote booking

    • Review why sales quotes bookings did not convert

  • Once admin receives a PO, Just enter the PO and save, it is now a confirmed booking

How to create a Sales Quote Booking

  • Log in to the website as an Admin.

  • Navigate the Bookings module.

The Bookings page will be displayed.

  • Click ADD BOOKING.

  • Create a back-office booking.

Refer to for a complete guide on back-office bookings, including how to create them.

  • Ensure to leave the Purchase order number blank.

  • Click Create Sales Quote.

Prerequisite: Ensure you have selected the Sales Quote Payment option when creating the schedule.


  • A Sales Quote confirmation mail will be sent to the lead booker.

  • Delegates added during the Backoffice booking will be invited to log in.

  • A Sales quote booking will be created with a unique Booking ID.

  • Attendance sheets will not display the delegates.

  • Reports do not include sales quote income or booking numbers.

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