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Create Category filtered URLS to embed on your website

As you already know, setting your courses up with the correct and smart categories is very important for the website guest navigating through your website. In this user guide I will explain how to create a category specific url so you can add buttons to your website (CourseCo or your own website). This means when a website user selects the link, they will be directed to the course-list page with the specific category pre-selected.

💡 CourseCo’s Product Owner Top Tips

  • Create a category specific url for all your categories

  • Embed these URLS in multiple areas from Buttons to menus, panels and Footers - website users work in lots of ways, so make it really easy for your clients to find what they need.

  • You could even place the URL in a automated email for marketing purposes!

See image below which describes visually what filtered.

How to create a Category specific URL

  1. Firstly, you need an example url to build on

    1. EXAMPLE URL -

  2. Editing the URL - All you need to edit is

    1. Open your CourseCo website front end

    2. Edit the category id to match the specific category id - /course-list.html?category=1

Outcome: you have a URL that looks something like this https://Yourdomain/course-list.html?category=1

How to find the category id to add to your URL

  1. Login as an admin

  2. Go to Courses

  3. Open Categories, open a specific category

  4. Review the URL at the top of the page - you should see the id in the title

    1. example https://yourdomain/admin/courses/edit_category/?id=1

  5. In the above example id 1 is the category.

  6. Now add this id to your url

Embedding your category URL throughout the website

  1. As mentioned above in top tips, you can use these urls in lots of locations, this includes

    1. CourseCo website Panels, Menus, Footer, header…etc

    2. Use these urls with your own (eg wordpress website)

      1. This means when someone selects the eg Menu on your existing website, they will be re-directed to CourseCo seamlessly

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