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Checkout | Adding additional costs to the cart

WIth this new feature released in Q4 2023, Admin can assign an optional additional cost per schedule. When a booker proceeds to checkout, they will see the option to add the additional cost.

Admin can see the additional cost selected in confirmation emails and on the booking.

This is an optional feature and can be turned on per schedule.

Example, add a book or additional printing costs, lunch, travel..etc.

Admin | How to assign additional cost per schedule

This is an add on feature, please contact us if you would like a demo / pricing

The additional cost item is added by the CourseCo team. Please ensure the additional item has been added to your platform before following the below steps.

  1. Login as admin

  2. Open Courses > schedules

  3. Select Add schedule

  4. Complete creating a schedule as normal.

  5. When you reach the schedule > Fee tab, you will see a new option

  6. Select Add button

  7. Enter in the additional price and Save.

Checkout | Adding additional cost to the order

  1. Login as a booker

  2. Add an applicable course to the checkout. i.e. a course with an additional cost

  3. Tick the box on the mini cart


  • Additional item has been added to the booking

  • Cost updates

    • Additional item is VAT Applicable (if VAT has been configured for you)

    • Additional item is not included in Discount

  • Booking confirmation email includes additional item title and cost,

  • Admin can see the additional item on the booking

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