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Cancelling a Delegate From a Group Booking

Admin may need to cancel a delegate or multiple delegates from a confirmed booking for various reasons like the delegate may not be able to attend the booked course or they might have selected the wrong courses and so on.

Any cancellation must be done before the schedule start date.

A delegate cannot be cancelled from a completed schedule.

  1. Log in to CourseCo as Admin.

  2. Navigate to the Bookings module.

The Bookings page will be displayed.

3. Select the booking from which you want to cancel a delegate.

Admin can cancel delegates only from the upcoming bookings or in-progress bookings.

You will be directed to the booking information for the selected booking.

4. Click Cancel Booking.

The Cancel Booking Schedule dialog will be displayed.

5. Select the delegate(s) you want to cancel.

6. Select the reason for cancelling a delegate from the Reason dropdown list.

7. Click Save.

The cancellation message will be displayed at the top-right and the booking status of the delegate(s) will be updated.


  • The delegate(s) will be removed from the booking.

  • The delegate(s) and lead booker will receive a cancellation email.

  • A cancellation transaction will be created for the amount paid by the delegate.

  • The delegate(s) will be removed from any upcoming automated emails.

  • The delegate(s) will see the booking as cancelled in their portal.

  • The cancelled delegate(s) will be removed from the Roll Call Attendance report.

  • The cancelled delegate(s) will be removed from the Revenue report.


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