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Back office booking - Trigger / Sending Booking confirmation email when admin makes the booking

When an admin creates a booking, the admin has the option to send a booking confirmation email at the this time or at a later time.

Trigger a back office booking confirmation email

  1. As admin, go to Bookings

  2. Create a new booking

    1. Add the general information eg delegates, select schedule, review cost etc

  3. Before selecting BOOK, Navigate to the ‘Purchase order number:’ input

  4. IF you want a confirmation email to be sent, please enter something (anything!) into the Purchase order number input eg X or N/A

  5. Select BOOK


  • Once the Purchase order number input has something entered, it will trigger the backoffice booking confirmation email

  • IF left blank, no email will be sent.

  • Admin has the option to open the booking at a later time, enter a PO number and hit Book, the confirmation email will be triggered at that time

Information to consider.

  1. The email that is sent is dependant on your setup eg you can have confirmation email sent to leadbooker and delegates booked or just leadbooker. This is confirmed during your onboarding

  2. Email content is decided by you during the onboarding.

  3. The confirmation email will only trigger once, so If you decide to edit the PO input, it will not trigger a new set of confirmation emails.

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