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Back-office Booking | Backdating a booking, adding a booking that is now completed

In some rare occasions, you may need to create bookings for schedules in the past i.e. the training happened already.

This is really easy and is the same process as creating a new booking, you just need to adjust your Schedule filter. Follow the steps below.

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Open Bookings > Add booking

  3. Enter the organisation / leadbooker / delegate names

  4. In the Select a schedule section, use the Range filter

    1. By default, Upcoming is selected

    2. Edit to PAST

    3. Search and select your schedule

  5. Complete your booking

Searching by Schedule ID is a quick way to find your schedule.


  • Booking is completed

  • IF PO number was entered a booking confirmation email will send

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