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Attendance Feature | Download results as CSV

Admin can now filter their attendance results and download them locally as CSV.

You can download attendance that is not yet recorded i.e. Attendee list / roll call

Trainers who have access to the attendance plugin can download as CSV also.

Advanced Org rep portal has access to their booked delegates, they can download the results as CSV also

How to download as Attendance List as CSV

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Open Attendance, All attendance Menu

  3. Using the filters edit the date and filter by schedule

Outcome: You will see your list of attendees for that date

Example of filtering by Schedule id to refine results

  1. Update attendance now

  2. Once attendance recorded, select Download as CSV

Outcome: The CSV will download onto your machine and you can open the results on your local machine

Additional Tips download as CSV tips

  • Filter by Student eg Tom Hanks, edit date range to 1 year to view stats for the student over one year and download as CSV and review the information locally

  • Filter by Schedule - this might be a schedule with a lot of dates, so ensure you change your date range, download as CSV and order by date or eg student to calculate overall attendance

Example of Local CSV file - before recording Attendance

Example of Local CSV file - after recording Attendance

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