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Allowing Sales Quotes on a schedule / configuring it as an option

Benefits of using Sales Quotes

  • Admin can build a sales funnel of potential sales

  • Automatic reminder emails can be sent to sales quote bookings

    • Example x days after booking, send reminder, x days before training starts.

    • Remove the manual admin process of sending Sales Quote information

  • Run reports on Sales Quote booking

    • Review why sales quotes bookings did not convert

  • Once admin receives a PO, Just enter the PO and save, it is now a confirmed booking

How to allow sales quotes for a schedule

  • Login as Admin

  • Navigate to Courses > Schedules.

  • Search and click the schedule for which you want to enable the sales quote option.

The Summary tab will be displayed.

  • Navigate to the Fees tab.

  • In the Web Payment options dropdown list, check the Sales Quote option

  • Click Save or Save & Exit.


  • Sales quote will be enabled for the selected course.

  • When the schedule is added to the cart, “Sales Quote” will be shown as an additional payment option for individuals and Org Reps.

  • When administrators create a back-office booking, sales quotes will be available for single and organisation bookings as a payment option.

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