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Admin viewing Flexi payment booking

Please get in touch with your CRM Lead if you wish to arrange a demo for ‘Checkout Flexi-Payment’ Feature.

To view a checkout flexi payment in backoffice bookings, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the website

  • Login as an admin

  • In the left menu, go to bookings

Please note that a flexi payment checkout booking must be created by a student on the checkout

  • Select the booking in booking list

  • In booking details, select the ‘Accounts’ tab to see flexi-payment plan

  • Click on the transaction to view the flexi payment plan for the booking

  • You can view the due amount and due date in the ’Payments' section

  • You can view the status of the transaction i.e paid or unpaid amount


  • Admin can view the booking details of a flexi-payment checkout booking

  • Admin can view due dates and due amount of a flexi-payment booking

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