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Admin | Editing a Transaction amount after the booking is created

This is a custom feature and not suitable/required for most admins.

How to edit a Booking Transaction

  1. Login as admin

  2. Open Bookings and select the applicable booking

  3. You will see the button ‘Edit Transaction’

  1. Once you select Edit Transaction, the popup will appear.

  2. On the popup, you will need to manually change each input to be as you want it to be

There is no validation around the inputs. The calculations are decided by you. CourseCo has not developed ‘logic’ to handle calculation errors

  1. On the popup, you must edit

    1. Edit the booking amount - this is the due now amount (after discount/vat has been applied)

    2. Edit the Transaction

      1. Edit the original amount- this is amount before discount/vat is applied

      2. Edit discount input amount

      3. Edit Total amount - amount due now.

        1. Total amount should be the amount due - that is the important one to calculate correctly!

    3. Edit the schedule cost - just like the transaction above, you need to complete the same steps here also.

      1. Edit the Fee (amount before discounts/vat)

      2. Edit the discount input amount

      3. Edit Total amount - amount due now.

  2. Select Confirm.



  • The booking is updated with the latest booking amount / discount

  • Transactions reflect this update

  • All reports are updated eg booking revenue, schedule revenue, Transactions report

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