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Admin | Adding your own Coupon Code Discount

When you signup to CourseCo, we will discuss the discount options to suit your business. We will configure these discounts for you to ensure the have been created correctly. If you require additional discounts (after going public/live) you can request a new discount to be installed on your platform.

We will use your priority support time to configure the discount

We highly recommend asking our support team to install your discounts to ensure they are configured correctly, but if you are confident on creating these coupons yourself, we have created a step by step on how to create a standard coupon code!

IF your coupon code is configured incorrectly and you require assistance from CourseCo support to resolve the issue, we will require a budget to investigate the issue

Note: if CourseCo deem the coupon as an ‘error in functionality’ we will fix (free of charge)

How to create a Discount

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Open Bookings

  3. Navigate to the Discounts icon + select

  4. On the top right, select add discount

  5. Enter a Title - Name of your discount eg 20% off site wide

  6. Enter a Summary - short summary to explain the meaning of the discount

    Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 12.46.49.png

  7. Courses / Schedules section - Select the course or category you want to apply this discount to

Tip - leave empty if applies to all courses/categories but you may break other discounts if you opt not to select anything here. So, the suggestion is either

Always select the course/category it applies to - for each discount


Never select course/category and all discounts apply to all courses/categories

  1. Jump to ‘Discount Amount’ section

  2. Input 1 - Select if discount is in % or fixed (£/€)

  3. Input 2 - Regular discount - currently this is the supported option

  4. Input 3 - For cart total or For each schedule


Adding the discount on the booking

Adding discount to the booking as an admin (See image)

Cart total discount = ‘Booking discounts button’

For each schedule = ‘Add discount’

  1. Input 4 - free text box - enter the amount eg 10 - this could = 10% or £/€ 10


Input 3 - for cart total or for each schedule is very important when setting up this coupon.

IF for each schedule, it applies per schedule and not all schedules - so when adding the discount to a booking (as admin) you must select each schedule you want to apply it to.

IF for cart total, its not a discount for each schedule its based on the overall price (you apply it to the end of the booking)

What you chose is dependant on your requirements.

  1. optional - Move down to Cart total From / Cart total To

    1. Enter the minimum or max amount before the discount is applied

    2. Leave blank if no minimum

  2. optional - For multi buy bookings - Min. number of items in cart / Max. number of items in cart

    1. Leave blank if no minimum

  3. Required if creating a coupon code - jump to Coupon Code and add the name of the coupon code (this is case sensitive also) - leave blank if you want the discount to automatically apply if all the conditions are selected

    Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 12.47.13.png

  4. Scroll down to Validation - enter in the Valid From / Valid To

  5. Publish is selected by default, disable if you do not want your discount published now.

  6. Publish On Web On/Off allows you to keep the discount for backoffice bookings only.

  7. Archive Yes/No - when the discount has expired and you want to hide it from appearing for admin but still report on the discount i.e. do not delete the discountNo

    Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 12.47.30.png


  • Once you save your discount, you should test it to ensure its calculating as expected.

Please contact if you have queries. Note - these type of queries will require a budget.

The above configuration is supported by CourseCo and if there are errors in functionality, CourseCo will fix (free of charge)

Discount configurations outside of the above may not be supported by CourseCo and is dependant on the configuration to determine if supported.

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