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Adding Multiple trainers on one schedule

CourseCo has enhanced the schedule setup process to allow multiple trainers on a schedule. We found through discussing workflows with our clients, that in some cases, there might be multiple trainers in the room that need to see the timetable, update attendance, view the online content on a schedule. So, we developed a new feature to allow multiple trainers on an overall schedule.

Multi-trainer is an add on feature. Please contact your CRM lead for information on how to Add On this feature

šŸ’” CourseCoā€™s Product Owner Top Tips

In some cases, you may require multi trainers on a schedule. The main reasons and benefits for multiple trainers on a schedule are

  • Multi -Trainer timetable will populate the timeslot

    • eg trainers assigned to the schedule, will all see the timeslot on their timetable

  • Multi - Trainer timetable will display the attendee names

  • Multi - Trainer can update the attendance for their assigned schedule *Prime feature

Adding multiple trainers to a schedule

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Open courses and schedules

  3. Add or edit a schedule

  4. Add the default trainer

Multi-trainer is an add on feature. Please contact your CRM lead for information on Add On this feature

5. On the summary tab, navigate to the ā€˜Secondary Trainersā€™ dropdown
6. multi-select your trainers

7. Continue creating the rest of your schedule
8. Save


  • Trainers will see the scheduleā€™s timeslots on their timetable

  • Trainers will see the timeslot attendeeā€™s names

  • Trainer can update attendance for these schedules *Prime feature

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