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Adding Image to a Question

This is a Prime Package Feature. Contact your CRM lead to find out on how to upgrade your package

To upload an image to a question, please follow these steps:

  • Log In as an admin

  • Go to the Media plugin

  • Upload the image on the media plugin for your question

  • Save the image

  • Go to Questionnaire plugin

  • Click on ‘New questionnaire’

  • Enter your title for the questionnaire

  • Add question and enter the text

  • Select the ‘Landscape’ icon

  • On the pop-up, select ‘Browse Server’ button

  • Select the image you added on media plugin for the question

  • Resize the image as your need

Tip: Keep size around 150-450 px, so that image is not too big

  • Click on Save

  • Click on Save questionnaire


  • The image will be added and saved

  • You can see image on the questionnaire

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