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Accessing reports as an admin

To access your Reports feature, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the website

The Home page will be displayed.

  • Click your profile picture on the top right and then click My Account.

The Home Dashboard will be displayed.

  • Navigate to Reports.

The Reports page showing the report categories will be displayed.

Popular Reports

We have lots of reports at CourseCo some would have been developed by us and others custom developed by you! Listed below is a table of reports and some key benefits.

Report Name



Upcoming Bookings

View upcoming schedules and their timeslots

  • View upcoming schedules in a date range

  • Identify errors with missing trainer or locations

  • View booked amount and revenue

  • View timeslot order i.e. 1/2

  • Download as csv

Cancelled Schedules

View schedules cancelled

  • view schedules that were cancelled in a date range

  • Download as csv

Roll Call Attendance

Update schedule attendance

  • Run report to view attendees on a schedule

  • Update attendance records per schedule

  • Add a note per attendee

  • Download as csv

Course Renewal Date

View previous bookings due for renewal

  • Run report to view the past bookings due for renewal

  • renewal is based on the expiry applied to on the original schedule

  • Download as csv

Online course learning progress

View per student online learning procress

  • View student progress for online course

  • view per student, last time content was viewed

  • View progress i.e. 5/55 (slides)

  • Filter by student, organisation, course or schedule

  • Download as csv

Students with Completed Exams

View students who completed exams

  • View students who completed a exam in a date range

  • Filter by exam

  • View when the exam was started and finished

  • view mark received

  • Download as csv

Duplicate Contacts Report

View duplicate contacts on the system

  • View all duplicates on the system

  • contact Support to merge these

All Contacts Report

View all contacts

  • View all contacts

  • Download as csv

All Bookings

View all bookings

  • View All bookings in a date range

Booking Revenue

View recent booking and income

  • View bookings made in a date range

  • In list screen view the

    • Payment type

    • Income

    • booking date

Deferred Revenue

View revenue based on the schedule start date

  • View revenue received based on the schedule start date i.e. when the revenue is ‘seen’ on your accounts.

Recent Payments

View payments made via Credit Card on the checkout

  • View recent credit card payments completed on the checkout

  • Status column will highlight any errors the client may receive eg 3DSecure errors / insufficiant funds errors.

Cancelled Bookings

View cancelled bookings

  • Analyse cancelled bookings in a specific date range

Booking Outstanding

  • run the report to view outstanding payments

  • refine by a specific amount

Course Brochure Download

  • View contact who downloaded your brochure and when

Opt-in Mailing List

  • View contact who added their name to your newsletter

  • This was done via the footer or on the checkout

Course Waitlist Contacts

  • View contacts who added their name to the waitlist

  • When they added their name

  • What schedule they added their name to

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