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CourseCo Support Process

At CourseCo, we strive to provide you with the highest level of support when using our product. As leaders in the training industry, we aim to provide you and your business with fast and efficient support responses.

CourseCo Priority Support - Why would I signup?

There are lots of reasons why its advised to signup to a priority support plan and below we have listed some of the few reasons

  • You get support at a reduced rate - this means if you need something done, you can ask the support team to complete this for you. They will estimate and use your support time to complete the task.

  • You get priority replies - as you have a priority support plan the smallest queries or tasks will be taken care of within the hour! (depending on what the request might be!)

  • You can request for tasks to be completed using your support hours - you can request a bulk update / data update to be completed using your support time

  • Your support queries are priority - this means if you have feedback or need help with anything, you will be our priority

  • As a priority support client, your feedback is always welcomed. If you suggest something you believe is valuable to the CourseCo community, we will prioritise this feedback and possibly update as a CourseCo backlog improvement (depending on what it is!)

  • If you report a CourseCo error in functionality, you will not be billed for this time.

What happens if I am not on a Priority Support Plan

  • Replies to queries may take from 3-10 days to receive a reply

  • Request updates will be billed full price and not at a reduced rate.

  • These request updates will not be priority and may take from 5-14days to be completed

  • Any data investigations / queries will be billed full price not at a reduced rate.

  • If you report a CourseCo error in functionality, you will not be billed for this time.

CourseCo Support Ticket Status Description

Please see below some explanation for each of our support status responses:

1. Waiting for Support

You have created a new support ticket and CourseCo will triage and respond within 24 hours

2. Escalated

Your support ticket has been reviewed and CourseCo has escalated your support ticket to the relevant department to investigate your query in detail. 

3. Waiting for Customer

CourseCo has sent you a response to your query and will wait for your response. This usually means we need more information, further test case details, or examples of your query that are needed to handle your request.

4. In Progress

CourseCo is working on your support ticket.

5. Resolved

CourseCo have investigated and responded to your query. A ticket is resolved when the findings have been provided to the customer and no further action can be provided  by CourseCo. Your Customer relationship manager will usually check in with you to ensure that your support ticket has been resolved to your satisfaction. 

If your support ticket has been resolved by CourseCo, and you have outstanding questions on this ticket, please reply to the ticket ensuring that your support ticket number is in the subject line of your email. This will result in your support ticket being changed back to ‘Waiting for Support’ status.

If you believe that the ticket has not been resolved, please reply to this email to automatically reopen the ticket.
If there is no response from you, we will assume that the ticket has been resolved and the ticket will be automatically closed after 48 working hours.

6. Cancelled

CourseCo have cancelled your support ticket. This is usually for one of two reasons:

  • This support ticket is a duplication of a previous support ticket that is actioned

  • CourseCo has been instructed by the customer to cancel the request

7. Closed

Our helpdesk system will automatically update your ticket with status - closed. You do not need to do anything to your ticket status to close your ticket.

Once your ticket has been resolved, no further action is needed by you.

Frequently Asked Support Questions

  • I need to re-open a ‘resolved’ ticket?

If your support ticket has been resolved by CourseCo, and you have outstanding questions on this ticket, please reply to the ticket ensuring that your support ticket number is in the subject line of your email. This will result in your support ticket being changed back into a new status. 

  • Why have CourseCo categorised and resolved my ticket as a ‘new feature request’?

If your support ticket is categorised and resolved as a new request, this means that your ticket was investigated by the CourseCo product team and they concluded that your request is not an existing feature or is not contracted for delivery within any customisation by CourseCo. What this means is that the system is not designed to do what you are looking for it to do. 

All New Feature Requests are kept by the Product Owner for future possible developments. Please note that it is Idea Bubble’s policy not to deliver customised new features until a customer has become familiar with the product and has a period of use not less than 3 months. 

  • Why does my ticket say “waiting for customer”

If your ticket has a status “waiting for customer”, this means that CourseCo has responded and cannot continue working on the ticket without additional feedback from you. No further action will be taken by CourseCo until you respond to this request with the appropriate/required information.

Idea Bubble’s Internal Support Process

For those customers wishing to understand more about CourseCo’s support process, here are details of the seven parts that make up our process

  • Receipt of Support Request - this is an automated process that allocates a unique Support Ticket Number and provides an automated email response to the sender that our server has received their request.

  • Triage - this is a preliminary process to determine the nature of the Support Request. A member of the Customer Support team will categorised the request into one of 11 possibilities and forwarded to the appropriate person for action. The Support Ticket will be marked as Escalated. Usually this process takes a few minutes. If an immediate solution is known then this solution will be returned to the Customer and the Ticket Marked as Resolved. Most support tickets are moved on to Investigation.

  • Investigation - this is where one or more areas (Customer Support, Software Development and IT) work together trying to identify exactly what caused the problem and its solution. This may involve 

    1. a product review by the Product Owner,

    2. numerous tests by Quality assurance attempting to recreate the problem,

    3. reviewing code by the Software Development team etc. 

If the problem is caused by ‘dirty’ data in a customer’s testing environment, this can be very time consuming and still may not produce a result. (For this reason we recommend the customer setting a limit (default 30 minutes) to any initial investigation process in their Priority Support Agreement.) Most non-testing investigations take approximately 30 minutes.

  • Priority Response - when appropriate a regular and timely updated response will be provided to the customer for their Support Request. This could be:

    • a solution to the request (the Support Ticket will show ‘resolved’)

    • a request for more data to help identify the problem or approval for use of additional resources (the Support Ticket will show ‘awaiting customer response’)

    • The support request is being worked on (the Support Ticket will show ‘in progress’)

    • Identification of the support request as a duplication of a previous request (the Support Ticket will show ‘cancelled’)

    • new feature requested, where the request has been determined to be outside the existing product’s functionality (the Support Ticket will show ‘resolved’)

  • Feedback - Our Customer Relationship Managers will look for satisfaction feedback on specific support items and the support process generally.

  • Reporting - CourseCo will provide a Monthly Priority Support Agreement Report detailing all tickets and their allocated support resources provided by Idea Bubble on behalf of the customer

  • Invoicing - any over-budget use of support resources will be invoiced monthly to the customer.

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