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CourseCo Priority Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Support & Training Services

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Your Agreement

This agreement is an option under your Software Licensing Agreement and all the terms and conditions of that agreement apply to this agreement. Priority support is provided to customers under the additional terms and conditions.

Additional Terms & Conditions 

Emergency / service threatened support tickets - any support request concerning an issue around loss of service.

Frozen - any support item (ticket) that is received but not covered under a Priority Support Plan.

Priority Support - support provided under a Priority Support Plan where support requests are reviewed and actioned within 1 hour of receipt and the customer responded to usually within two hours.

Priority Support Plan - an agreement for priority support provided as an option in the contract for an additional price based on the average hours per month required by the customer. 

Priority Support Plan Budget also referred to as the Budget - the number of support hours per month paid under the Priority Support Plan

Priority Support Plan Rate - a discounted cost per hour ex. VAT is provided based on the number of hours you choose in your plan.

Support Request - and item for support sent from the Customer to the Company  

Outside Budget Priority Support - all hours spent on Support tickets beyond those paid for in Priority Support Plan that are requested by the Customer

Outside Budget Priority Support Rate - the full cost per hour ex. VAT for priority support hours, currently €130.00.

The Support Services

  1. Where Priority Support is required, the During the Term, the Company shall provide priority Support to the Customer, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Customer's compliance with this Agreement.

  2. The amount (number of hours) of Support that Idea Bubble will provide to the Customer will be determined by the agreed Support Plan, which will be determined by the payment made by the Customer.

  3. In the first instance the Customer will send an email to with any support requests. Any receipt of Support Requests by any other means will incur a duplication of costs as it will be forwarded to  support and the cost of replying to that email to notify the sender of such will be part of the Priority Support Plan Budget.

  4. Each support request should include the following data:

    1. Description of request / problem, 

    2. Data identifiers - eg. schedule id, booking id or contact id 

    3. Screenshots and images 

    4. Examples or use cases

  5. The Company agrees to review all incoming support emails (internally referred to as tickets), within one hour of receipt during normal working hours. The Company will 

triage items immediately to determine whether the Support ticket is within package or within contract and will respond to the customer with a result of this triage process. This response will in most circumstances be within 2 hours of receipt and will be within 24 hours of receipt.

  1. Tickets that arise from errors in the Licenced Software or errors in customised Software Development will not incur any related costs or use hours within the Support Plan. Idea Bubble will meet these costs. 

  2. All other Support tickets will be allocated to the Customer’s Priority Support Plan Budget.

  3. The Company will transfer any unused Priority Support Plan hours to the following month so that an average usage can be utilised by the Customer.

  4. The Company will be reasonable in its application of support where the budget is almost used and will endeavour to complete outstanding urgent tickets without delay.

  5. The Customer agrees to prioritise Support requests so their priorities are met.

  6. When the budget for Priority support has been used up 

    1. an email will be sent by the Company to the Customer stating such event has occurred. 

    2. all emergency / service threatened support tickets will continue to be actioned. If they arise as a result of the Customer’s errors they will subsequently be costed using the Outside Budget Priority Support Rate to determine the cost of such support to the Customer. The Customer will be invoiced for any amounts used in this manner at the start of each following month.

    3. All other support ticket items will be triaged and then reported as frozen until they are actioned under a non-priority process. They will only be action after agreement by the Customer to bear the cost of the required support. The Company’s usual response time of 7 working days. The Outside Budget Priority Support Rate will be used to determine the cost of such support to the Customer. The Customer will be invoiced for any amounts used in this manner at the start of each following month.

  7. Where a smooth continuation of Priority Support is required and when previously agreed by the Customer Priority Support Service will continue using the Outside Budget Priority Support Rate to determine the cost of such support to the Customer. The Customer will be invoiced for any amounts used in this manner at the start of each following month. A limit of the amount of Outside Budget Priority Support in any one month is recommended.

Priority Support Plan Rates

2 Hours


3-4 Hours


5-6 Hours


7-10 Hours


10+ Hours


Notes  -

  1. The Outside Budget Priority Support Rate: €130.00 per hour ex. VAT

  2. Max Outside Budget Priority Support Limit: ____12 Hrs_______  (suggested 1 hr)
    How many hours outside your priority support budget do you wish for us to stop. 

  3. Triage Resources Allocation Time (per ticket): 30mins (default)

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